We Partner With R&B Technologies

Commissioning, Re-Commissioning and Retro-Commissioning have long been standard practices to improve energy efficiency in buildings. Today, businesses and organizations can take advantage of advanced monitoring-based (MBCx) techniques to increase efficiency, reduce maintenance, and lower costs on continuous basis.

Monitoring based commissioning (MBCx) employs automated data analytics tools and platforms running on top of Building Automation Systems, and provide actionable information and reports to facility staff or third party consultant, to continuously monitor and optimize the facility’s energy systems. 

Facility Matrix partners with R&B Technology Group and delivers in-depth monitoring-based commissioning services utilizing R&B’s state-of-the-art BeOP® platform. The platform features advanced Fault Detection and Diagnostics, Asset Management, Smart KPI, Digital Workflow and Data Visualization. Click here for more information about the platform.

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