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No matter how well HVAC equipment are maintained, it will eventually need to be replaced or upgraded, either because they reach their end of useful life or they simply no longer meet the requirement of the conditioned space. Oftentimes, retrofit projects do not meet owner’s expectation in performance, especially energy performance since installing contractor does not commission or optimize its operation after installation. Being a full service provider, Facility Matrix combines retrofit, commissioning and optimization to deliver the ultimate energy efficiency solution to the clients.


Some of retrofit services we provide includes: 

  • Pneumatic to DDC upgrade for terminal boxes and AHUs

  • Install variable frequency drives 

  • Duct work and piping changes 

  • HVAC economizer modification and installation 

  • Water-side economizer with plate-frame heat exchanger 

Control upgrade and integration. 


Facility Matrix can provide turn-key installation, upgrade and integration of building automation systems (BAS). Facility Matrix is certified Vykon System Integrator (VSI) and are certified for Niagara AX and Niagara 4. 

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