Facility Matrix offers a full spectrum of commissioning services including Commissioning, Re-Commissioning, Retro-Commissioning and most recently Monitoring Based Commissioning. While most of commissioning services focus on standard functional testing and verification, and recommends measures targeting "low hanging fruits", our optimization services drill much deeper into all levels of HVAC systems and sub-systems. 

System approach

We take a system approach in our optimization measures to minimize the energy consumption of the entire system rather than that of individual components. One example is the operational optimization of a central chiller plants (CUP), which typically include such equipment as multiple chillers, chilled water pumps, condenser water pumps, cooling towers and other axillary equipment. Our typical approach for CUP optimization is to integrate real-time consumption data from all equipment and our objective is to minimize the total CUP consumption, or maximize the CUP efficiency in terms of kW/ton. 

Turnkey and Guarantee

Facility Matrix is in the business of improving facility's energy efficiency and it is a turn-key solution provider. Our complete service offerings combing commissioning, optimization, retrofit (mechanical and control) and long-term monitoring give us the unique and rare qualifications to deliver your energy efficiency projects under one roof. Another feature sets us apart from other commissioning service providers is the savings guarantee that is backed by our years of experience and confidence.

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